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After many request and suggestion I have decided to create Pet Bows for the other half of the family! How could I Not! The Pet's in the family need to look adorable and all dressed up as well with our Unique and Personalized Design.
Keep an eye out for our Pet Bows --- I can not wait to share them.

I am amazed on how these two beautiful bows came out. How can you not add these beautiful bows in your choice of color's to your little ones accessories. The two types of bows are available on an Alligator Clip or a Small French Barret. They are also available on a small child size crochet headband if you wish for an extra .50 each. Visit my Boutique Bows for further information.
Hi everyone ! Not that I do not like a regular blog for my web site like I have been using for some time now, but I needed to have a little more organized and e-commerce site that I can work with. Not knowing the secret's to a clean and organized blogger with e-commerce I thought it would be best to go with something more my style and this my friends is it! I have not figured out how to re-direct my site at the moment but I will please just give me some time.
For now you can keep checking her for updates and continue to visit my blog to get to this site, which is really not that hard. :) Can not wait for my future activities on my site. I look forward to taking your orders soon!