Hi Everyone ......

This is Me !
My name is Kirsten, I am a 36 year old mom ( shhh please do not tell anyone my age its a secret .. lol ) of three children ages 17, 12 and 10. I was born and raised on Long Island, NY. I come from a family of 5 siblings, Two brothers and Two sisters, with me in the middle. (Though I am the oldest when it comes to just my brother and I, My mom was re-married when I was 12 .. though I still consider them as my Siblings, Not my step siblings.
I am a volunteer EMT for a local ambulance of mine. I am in school to become a Drug and Alcohol Counselor though I will not be graduating till December of 2012 so I have a long way to go.
I love Fall and Spring, I am not a big fan of Summer if its too hot and Winter when it's too cold. During the summer I rather be sitting in side my house with the AC on making hair bows, playing on the computer and entertaining my family, though my kids rather be out side playing in the water, going to the beach or spending time with their friends.. so I guess the entertaining the family is out of the question. ( LOL )
I am dating a wonderful man who is one of my biggest supporters and is also one of the BEST Paramedics around. (and he does not let that "Paramedic God" get to his head ) We meet on the ambulance when I joined over two years ago. Him and I are going on two years in June and still happily in love ! ( can not ask for any more then that .. now can ya ? ) I hate cooking dinner, though I love to go out. I am also big on take out, but do not get me wrong, I do cook my kids dinner but it's as simple as I can go. A Big dinner for this family would be a Ham, Mac & Cheese, Broccoli and Dinner rolls. ( LOL )
Creating Hair Bows has been a hobby that I have enjoyed doing on and off through the years. Though now I have thought it would be a great idea to sell my creations and what better way to do that is to create a beautiful web site with all my idea's and design posted right on my site. I have spent a lot of money on Hair Ribbon, Supplies, Books, Articles, Video's all sorts of neat business savvy idea's as  well as new and up coming styles that I can learn! So making and creating hair bows is not only a hobby its a serious business that I really enjoy doing.
I dedicate my creations to my customers, when they need a design that I may not offer here on my site, I would like to encourage you to contact me with your ideas or suggestion and I would be more then happy to work with you on it.
So that is about it for now, I am a real honest and intelligent YOUNG women who is here for her customers always !